Reminder to current 6th grade parents
The new 17/18 school year immunization requirements are posted. Current 6th graders will have to have a Tdap vaccine prior to beginning 7th grade. They will also have to have a sports physical dated after May 1, 2017. Many times these two items are combined in one appointment with your physician if you have a student wishing to do sports in Jr. High. If not, your 6th grader will need an appointment for a Tdap vaccine only. Provide documentation of the vaccine to the school nurse as soon as possible. Thank you :)
17/18 Immunization Requirements posted
17/18 School Immunization Requirements are posted in the files section below. Please review your child's immunization record to be sure they are in compliance with the KS immunization law.
15/16 Sports Physicals
The PPE form can be downloaded below in the files section. They are also being mailed home. Sports physicals must be dated after May 1, 2015 to be valid for 15/16 athletics. Please return completed physicals to either office, attention Diane Davison, Athletic/Activities Director.
Medication Orders for School
Below you can download and print off the form for the Dr. to sign and wirte orders for medication at school. There is also the form for inhalers at school. Parent also has to sign consent for medication to be administered at school. These need to be returned to the school by the first day of class each school year. All medications have to be in original prescription bottles, or original containers for over-the-counter medications. All meds, even over-the-counter meds, have to have written orders from the Dr. to be dispensed at school. These forms will also be in your enrollment packets in early August if you've had medication at school before. Thank you.

Jana Blank, RN
School Nurse
Vision Development Center
See attachment below for information on the services available from the Wichita Vision Development Center. 
Meds. at school reminder
Reminder to parents that student health conditions that require medication at school have to be updated every year. New physician forms will be in your enrollment packets this fall if your student has had medication at school this year. They are also available upon request by a parent. The orders need to be dated after May 1 of each school year. This includes inhalers for asthma, medications for ADHD management, all over the counter medications, epi-pens, benadryl, etc...NO medications are given at school without written physician orders and written parental consent. Thank you.

Jana Blank, RN
School Nurse
Common Nurse Questions
Quesiton: How do I know when to keep my child home from school with an illness? Answer: If you child has a temperature of 99 or higher keep them at home. If your child has diarrhea, keep them at home until well. If your child has a chronic cough that just doesn't let up, keep them at home, treat and return when well. If your child is producing a lot of mucus/snot and is constantly needing to blow their nose, keep them home, treat and return when well. If feverish ( 99 or higher) do not return until fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication. This is for the health safety of all students and staff at USD 439. We appreciate your being mindful of this.

Question: Does my child have to see the school nurse in order to go home ill? Answer: Yes. School policy is that all students KDG-12th who do not feel well have to see the school nurse for determination of school dismissal. Parents may call to inform us that their child is not feeling well and give permission for them to go home but they will still be seen by the nurse. The school nurse (or someone the nurse designates) will call for parental/guardian permission for them to go home or to be picked up. No dismissals will be allowed via texting, email, or cell phone calls from student to parent/guardian.

Question: Do I have to call the school when my child is ill? Answer: Yes. In order for your child to have an excused absence from school you must notify the school via a phone call. You may be asked what your child's symptoms are if they are ill so that we can best care for all students and staff at USD 439.

Question: What is the head lice policy? Answer: Our policy is that if head lice is found on a student at school, all siblings will be checked and the parents will be called to come pick up their students and take home for treatment. Treatment should include a product such as RID/NIX, and removal of all nits (louse eggs) in the hair. All household members should be treated. Once treated they can return to school. This usually is not more than one day absent. When they return they will be examined by the school nurse prior to returning to the classroom. If lice is found at school all students in the grade level will be checked. Random head lice checks will also be performed at the nurses discretion. The school nurses recommendation for treatment of head lice is shampooing all household members with lice shampoo, removing all nits by hand one small section of hair at a time, washing and drying of all bedding in the house, disposing of all hairbrushes, hair ties, etc... replace them, and bagging all items that cannot be washed or dried for a minimum of 2 weeks. If you cannot afford to dispose of hairbrushes and replace, removing all hair and boiling in water is effective as well. Furniture at home can be treated with lice spray that can be bought over the counter. Vacuuming furniture well and disposing of the bag is effective. Today's head louse have become somewhat resistant to over the counter treatments so it is even more important to remove the nits. Prescription treatments are also available from your Dr.
School Illness Policy
If your child has a fever, they need to be fever free for 24 hours (without the use of medicine) before returning to school and school events.  If your child has a contagious illness (Strep., Pink eye, etc...), they need to be on antibiotics for a full 24 hours before returning to school or school events.  This policy is to help ensure the health and wellness of all students and staff at USD 439 and we ask that you are mindful of this.  Thank you.
 Free Hearing Tests.docx
Free Hearing Screenings
Wichita Vision Development Center
 Perm. for med.pdf
Medication Orders for School
 Inhaler Orders.pdf
Orders for Inhalers at school
16/17 Sports Physical Form
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